ÖGOR-Preise 2020

Im Rahmen der via Zoom durchgeführten Jahresversammlung am 27. November 2020 wurden die ÖGOR-Preise 2020 verliehen. Es gab jeweils 8 Einreichungen in den Kategorien Masterarbeit und Dissertation. Die externen Gutachter*innen würdigten die hohe Qualität der eingereichten Arbeiten. Basierend auf ihren Empfehlungen wurden die folgenden hervorragenden Arbeiten ausgezeichnet:

Kategorie Masterarbeit:

Valentina Maria Einspieler – Solution approaches to a flexible job-shop scheduling problem with a quality control as stochastic element (Vortrag)

Kategorie Dissertation:

Alina Gabriela Dragomir – Modern logistic solutions for pickup and delivery problems with alternative and roaming locations, intermodal transportation, and inventory constraints and transfers (Vortrag)

Martin Glanzer – Multistage Stochastic and Distributionally Robust Optimization (Vortrag)

Die Österreichische Gesellschaft für Operations Research gratuliert den Preisträgerinnen und dem Preisträger sehr herzlich!

YouTube-Tutorial on Mathematical Modeling (Prof. Alf Kimms)

Beginners in Operations Research usually find it difficult to formulate a model on their own or to fully understand a model without the support of an advisor. Students get better over time by studying more and more examples. In this way they learn how to formulate a mathematical model. The idea behind this online
tutorial is to support the learning process. Typical tips and tricks are explained in a series of short videos.

This material is for an audience in the early stage of the operations research experience. Things are explained on a very basic level. Bachelor and master students will benefit most.

The videos can be found on YouTube. A playlist link can be retrieved from the following website:
If you find this interesting, it would be very much appreciated if you communicated this link to your students by referencing the video playlist in your course material or by adding a link to your website for instance.
I hope that your students can benefit from it.

Thanks a lot and take care,
Alf Kimms
(President-Elect of the German OR Society)