ÖGOR Preise 2019 für Masterarbeiten und Dissertationen

Die Österreichische Gesellschaft für Operations Research (ÖGOR) vergibt den ÖGOR Dissertationspreis 2019 und den ÖGOR Masterarbeitspreis 2019 für hervorragende Dissertationen bzw. Master- und Diplomarbeiten (keine Bachelorarbeiten) aus dem Bereich des Operations Research (OR). Es können sowohl theoretische Arbeiten als auch praktische Anwendungen des OR eingereicht werden. Die Arbeiten müssen im Zeitraum zwischen dem 1. Juni 2017 und dem 30. Juni 2019 an österreichischen Universitäten oder Fachhochschulen approbiert worden sein. Die Preise werden von der scc EDV-Beratung AG gesponsert.

Die Details zur Ausschreibung finden Sie hier:

ÖGOR Preise 2019

37th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economics

Im Namen der Organisatoren dürfen wir hiermit die Originalinformationen zu dieser Konferenz in englischer Sprache bekanntgeben:

Date: September 11 – 13, 2019
Site: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Website: http://mme2019.ef.jcu.cz/

The conference is a traditional meeting of professionals from universities and businesses interested in the theory and applications of operations research and econometrics. Conference research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • operation research,
  • econometrics,
  • multiple criteria decision making,
  • decision support systems,
  • quantitative management methods,
  • fuzzy systems,
  • simulation,
  • mathematical modelling,
  • process optimization,
  • financial modelling.

Participants of the conference are invited to submit original papers to the conference proceedings. The conference proceedings are listed on the Thomson Reuters ISI Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings.

Your registrations and abstracts are welcome at the conference website, or directly at EasyChair submission system, https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=mme2019

Important dates:
– Abstract Submission and Registration Deadline: extended to April 15, 2019
– Paper Submission Deadline: April 30, 2019
– Payment Deadline: July 9, 2019

We look forward to welcoming you in České Budějovice!

Neues Buch „Managing Complexity in Social Systems“ von Christoph Mandl

Das Buch „Managing Complexity in Social Systems – Leverage Points for Policy and Strategy“ von Christoph Mandl ist neu im Springer-Verlag erschienen. Aus dem Abstract: “ Why do policies and strategies often fail, and what can be done about it? How can complexity be managed in cases where it cannot be reduced? The answers to these questions are anything but trivial, and can only be found by combining insights from complexity science, system dynamics, system theory and systems thinking.“ Weitere Informationen zum Buch finden sich auf der Verlags-Website von Springer: https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783030016432


Satalia is a London-based optimisation technology company with optimisation teams in Austria, Greece and the UK. We are currently looking for an optimisation scientist with good programming skills to join one of our optimisation teams and solve large-scale industrial problems. Remote and flexible work is possible.

Detailed job description:

IFORS Developing Countries

Dear Colleagues, 

The aim of the IFORS Developing Countries On-Line Resources page is to
offer the OR worker all publicly-available materials on the topic of OR
for Development. It also aims to provide a venue for people who are
working in the area to share their completed or in-process work, learn
from others, and stimulate comments and discussions on the
work.Regarding IFORS Developing Countries OR resources website, its
regular updates - and your possible submission of "free" (not copyright
protected) material, you might occasionally visit

"Operational Research" (OR) is the discipline of applying advanced
analytical methods to help make better decisions. By using techniques
such as problem structuring methods and mathematical modelling to
analyze complex situations, Operational Research gives executives the
power to make more effective decisions and build more productive systems.

The International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS;
http://ifors.org/) is an almost 60-year old organization which is
currently composed of 51 national societies.Regional Groups of IFORS
are:ALIO (The Latin American Ibero Association on Operations Research),
APORS (The Association of Asian-Pacific Operational Research Societies),
EURO (The Association of European Operational Research Societies), NORAM
(The Association of North American Operations Research Societies). IFORS
conferences are taking place every three years; IFORS 2017 has been
successfully celebrated in Quebec City, Canada.

Thank you very much for your attention.

With kind regards,
best wishes,
Luciana Buriol, Sue Merchant, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

PS: Feedback is welcome via buriol@inf.ufrgs.br,
suemerchant@hotmail.com, gerhard.weber@put.poznan.pl.